Auto-deactivate plugins introducing latency when recording.

There are some REAPER extensions which are so minimalists yet so useful that we wonder why the feature their offer isn’t built-in natively. This is definitely the case of ReaLlm!

ReaLlm stands for Reaper Low Latency Monitoring. It was made and shared for free open source by ak5k via ReaPack. Finding out how to read and pronounce it is probably the hardest thing in this extension from user side, as it is basically just one on/off action that you can set as a toolbar button.

When activated ReaLlm will automatically bypass every plugin introducing latency, so that you can record and hear the sound as instantly as possible. It works on tracks with rec and monitor on.

Auto-bypass plugins introducing latency. Simple and useful!

ReaLlm has some extra features under the hood, like ReaScript functions to let you set more advanced behaviors, like leaving some plugin active if their introduced latency isn’t too high, or toggling a certain plugin parameter from two values when record is on. This is handy if you want to use the Bypass parameter of the plugin itself (just like some plugins propose), or if you want to control another parameter. You can find a code snippet about this on GitHub.

It also works with sends, master tracks etc…

Despite it’s user-side simplicity, no doubt that all the magic happen under the hood, and building/maintaining such project cross-platforms do require some skills and devotion, so thanks for ak5k for sharing!

You will find all documentation on the related Cockos REAPER Forum thread, linked below!

Happy recording! 🎸

Last Image Credits: ak5k

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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