Hi everyone, I’m X-Raym, owner of this website! As a regular contributor to REAPER community since 2014, I have made and shared tons of resources, from scripts to tutorials, articles, videos, web interfaces, assistance on forums and social apps etc, trying to push the limit of what the software can do while working on my own artistic projects.

As part of a rich ecosystem of contributors, I have seen a lots of cool stuffs made by other users. Yet, lots of users are not aware of these. This website is an attempt to keep and organize of all this, and to showcase what a community of passionate members can do with a software as extensible than REAPER. I will of course take advantage of this platform to promote my own content, cause I do have to make a living as well. 😉

This website is pretty new and experimental, so we will see if it is manageable, if it is really useful, and how it can evolve. Maybe it will become different, maybe I will not have time to manage it, but hey, I do have to start somewhere to see how it goes, so, stay tuned!

More infos about ReaLinks creation in the dedicated article, and more infos about me on my personal website!

Oh and by the way, I’m French, English is not my native language. Expect typos and weird phrasing. 😆

BTW, here is the Cockos Forum thread related to this project.

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Maintaining this website, writing the article and monitoring news from the REAPER community takes a lot of times.

If you like my work, please consider buying one of my REAPER Premium Scripts (which will be the prefered way), or making a donation. This will be very appreciated for sure and help keep this project live! Thanks for your consideration! ❤


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