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ReaLinks newsletter is self-hosted, meaning I don’t use a third-party service to handle addresses. This is for me the best way to ensure the maximum data privacy to the subscribers. This is also why I only ask for the absolute minimal information: an email address. Can’t be simpler!

Newsletters will be sent every two weeks, so that you stay up to date, and have enough entries in each emails to worth sending it. No spam!

RSS Feed

RSS Feeds are IMHO the best way to subscribe to a website. Thanks to RSS Reader Apps (it can be a browser extension, a mobile app, or/and a web service – I would advice Feedly for this), you can put all your website subscriptions in one place.

Main advantage is that your don’t have to give your email to website for which you want to subscribe, so it is good for privacy and be fully in control of your data as it is anonymous from the website perspective.

To subscribe via RSS, just copy the ReaLinks Feed URL below and paste it to your RSS reader:

Note: WordPress, the website engine powering ReaLinks, can let you have customized RSS feed, for specific categories, tags etc. Not sure I will have a publication rhythm that high so you may not need filtering, but know that this is a possibility!

Push Notification

I considered using push notifications but it is not something I use, so if this is something you would like to, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.