Cockos website for downloading or uploading user-created resources.

Stash is website provided by Cockos to let you upload / download some REAPER related files. One of its main goal was to provide a space for people to attach files to their forum post from a reliable server, especially images.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for image sharing services to close or to change their link system, broking previous image links (I’m look at you Cloud App…), and all images which were hosted on this service suddenly just appears as blank images on forum post. Stash is here to stay as long as REAPER is. But you can consider some current image hosting services which seems to be solid enough to stay for a while.

Files are sorted by categories, listed in the sidebar. There is a lot of diversity (note mapping, FX Chains, presets, templates…). But it is mostly popular among Language Pack translators and even more among REAPER theme developers, and is for sure the biggest collection of REAPER themes online. Again, some theme developers use their own hosting alternative, so keep that in mind that maybe some shiny new themes aren’t there.

It is online since the early beginning of REAPER (around than 15 years old), and you can definitely feel this, as it didn’t get any major update since release. It feel pretty outdated for sure and lacks of fancy features found in other file hosting services.

So despite the fact I have uploaded some files in there, it is pretty rare I go on it.

Anyway, there are some hidden gems on Stash for sure. It is all about finding them!

Good luck in your exploration! ✌

PS: Writing this article, I realize that one of my upload, a screenshot of a minor theming experiment that I didn’t even like that much in the end (envelope indentation), was checked more than 200 000 times. Crazy! 😅

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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