An extension to enhance accessibility of REAPER.

If you search for the most accessible DAW for visually impaired people on the web, it is highly likely that articles and forum discussion you will find will put REAPER at top of the list.

There is even research to back up these statement. In 2020, an academic study tries to elaborate a method to evaluate accessibility of DAW (Evaluating the Accessibility of Digital Audio Workstations for Blind or
Visually Impaired People
, Milano University). REAPER won again (there is a detailed comparison table in the research paper, but I don’t think I can reproduce here for copyright reason, so I let you check the source directly).

These results have been made possible thanks to Osara, a free open source REAPER extension made by the community (source code available on GitHub).

The main goal of the extension is to enhance Text to Speech capability of REAPER, and so, make it more accessible, by being able to report track and items for eg. It also come with custom actions very useful for navigating with keyboards, and some out of the box settings to for general improvements in such workflow (menus, shortcuts etc).

You can check Osara features and installation instructions on the reaperaccesibility website, a wiki based extensive documentation for making reaper more easy to use for people with visual disabilities, where you can find a lot more infos and resources about this topic.


Feature Image Credits: Denali Design

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:


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