A very advanced script to manage virtual instruments articulations.

Handling different manufacturers orchestral plugins and libraries can be complicated. Indeed, they often use their own system to handle articulations, like using certain notes, certain CC or other types of MIDI events like Program Change, and it can become quite complex to remember everything.

What if we could just have a window with some articulation buttons, and pressing them will just output the associated MIDI events in the MIDI editor? Well, as you can see on the screenshot above, this is precisely why Reaticulate has been made for!

There are several libraries handled out of the box by Reaticulate, like some Spitfire Audio and some Cinematic Series ones. You can of course creat your own button / midi event mapping sets for your own library.

The script is pleasing to use thanks to a very good looking GUI, one of the more advanced under the hood ever made in GFX (more about this in a future post). There are also nice UX goodies like filters, colors etc, which are very appreciated.

Below you will see few introduction video to use this script.

Quick overview of Reaticulate of Reaperblog by composer Erik Wikstrom.
More advanced presentation by Tack, the author himself, when it was in alpha. As this is the video showcased on homepage, I expect most of these infos are still valid.

Not all coders take the time to write extensive tutorials even when needed, so we are lucky, cause in the case of Reaticulate, we have a dedicated website will all the necessary instructions! BTW, Reaticulate, as advanced as it is, is shared for free by the author, so if you want to thanks him, please consider making a donation!

Note that there were some very promising alternative articulation managers with different approaches before Reaticulate came into play, like BSRO or sfer, but Reaticulate is the only one still maintained years after, still regularly updated via Reapack, and is probably the most advanced. I don’t think I will write posts for these alternative in particular (at least not for now), but feel free to take a look if you are curious.

Happy scoring! 🎻🎺

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