reARK Theme and Template

A REAPER 6 based theme, including templates files for themers.

So far, I have mostly focused on scripts and development stuffs, cause this is my field and because they have way less visibility that other resources shiny REAPER resource like Themes. Though, a lot of themes are really good looking and popular, and would deserve an entry on ReaLinks. So when a new ground breaking theme project comes up… It definitely deserved to be showcased on ReaLinks ASAP!

This is the case of reARK. It is good looking full featured REAPER 6 based theme (4K/Hi DPI support, right TCP FX list support, dark theme). As it is based on REAPER 6 theme, it can benefit of all the extra theme adjustment tools.

reArk Arrange View
reARK Mixer Panel.
reARK MIdi Editor.

But where reARK come further as a project, is that it is shared with all the graphics source files, in a huge Affinity Designer template. Having access to all the buttons and GUI elements source files, editable in a vector based app is extremely rare, so this definitely deserves some attention. It can be very useful for other themers and moders!

reARK Affinity Template.

The theme and the template are presented in a very good looking website with screenshots, linked below! You can also discuss this theme on the dedicated Cockos forum thread. All this is shared for free, so I invite you to make a donation if you make good use of it!

Happy Theming! 🎨

Image Credits: ArKaDaTa

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]reARK Theme and Template[/b][/url]

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