Stem Manager

Advanced stem rendering automator.

Looking for a more efficient way to manage your stem rendering workflow? You’ve been served!

In REAPER, you can do that using the Selected tracks render (stems) or Selected tracks via master settings from the render view. This is enough in most cases, but for people who need to do that a lot of time and with complex track layouts, it can become quite tedious.

That where last year odded came with a script to handle stem rendering. And for a first script, what a script! It has not only a very advanced colorful GUI, but it also features lots of clever stuffs! The main concept is that you create stems by saving mute/solo state of tracks in a matrix. Brilliant!

Overview of the main tab of the script. Really handy to be able to set different stems (in columns) with a sets of mute and solo!

The script has so much more! You can save presets, you can convert presets into actions, and one really advanced thing: you can run actions in-between each render pass, for really advanced and modular workflow (for example, select tracks by name or things like that).

And even better, it come with a well explained 15 minutes tutorial showcasing all this. What a release!

Video made at the release of the script.

The script is still maintained by its author, which is very nice. It has received few updates since the last video, mostly to stay up to date with ReaImGui, but the key concepts stay the same. He generously shared for free on Reapack, so many thanks for that!

Happy rendering! 🔊

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Stem Manager[/b][/url]

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