Connect REAPER to Wwise game audio software.

In game audio industry, there are a popular middlewares to handle sounds made from a DAW and put them in a game engine. One of the most notorious is Wwise by Audiokinetic.

I think only one DAW have native Wwise interoperability (Nuendo), the other would have to rely on extensions, if their DAW allows this kind of things, and if someone in their community has the skills and the devotion to build-it. (It worths noticing that game audio companies are pretty secret about their stuffs, so maybe a there are way more solutions that I am aware of).

REAPER has a great API so it is a candidate of choice for building custom extensions. A couple of of them were released publicly (WAAPI Transfer by Karl Davis, followed by ReaOpen by nikolalkc, a ReaScript contributor who will deserve a dedicated ReaLinks post soon). But ReaWwise is different: it has been made by Audiokinetic themselves!

Because it is made by the company behind Wwise itself, we can be sure it will be up to date and have fancy features to handle REAPER – Wwise interoperability. And the best thing: it has been shared open source!

ReaWwise main interface.

Game audio isn’t my field and I don’t personally use Wwise, so if this is your domain, I let you watch the video below and check the article linked below! And if you want to go further, Audiokinetic blog has lots of content. All I know is that it is advanced enough to provide API functions to ReaScript as well!

Live demo of ReaWwise.

It worths noticing that ReaWwise is at core of Audiokinetic new sound library concepts implemented into their new product line STRATA (ReaperBlog just released a video about it). The concept is to share multi-tracks REAPER projects Wwise-ready, instead of just wave files. It definitely targets top AAA companies.

It is good to see solid companies like Audiokinetic choosing to make advanced use of REAPER, and contributing back by promoting it and releasing open source stuffs as well!

Happy gaming! 🕹

Feature Image Credits: Audiokinectic

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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