16 MIDI Pads Notes Map JSFX

A MIDI Note Mapper FX for finger drumming devices like Maschine.

If you are using some 4×4 pad MIDI controller (usually for finger drumming), like the Maschine MK3 or the AKAI MPC Studio, this article is for you!

Few days ago, we saw all the native JSFX which come with REAPER. Let’s start our exploration of user-made JSFX with the most advanced I share in my free Reapack repository: the 16 pads MIDI Notes Map!

Remapping notes coming out of such devices is usually a slow process. It requires opening their Controller Editor software, sending your new config to the hardware, unplug-replug etc. A lot of extra steps and clicks. Sometimes, the mapping could also be done right in Instrument FX, but again it is usally quite slow especially if you want to quickly change all mapping. Another solution is using VST MIDI mappers but almost none of them are in 4×4 format like these kind of drumpads. So… I end up coding my own mapper thanks to JSFX, right in REAPER!

This JSFX is a user friendly MIDI Note Mapper for 4×4 pads controllers. It let you remap MIDI notes coming for your device easily, with as few clicks as possible, as you can offset MIDI notes with the mousewheel. It provides a clear, resizable and colorful GUI, with the possibility to add your own custom images. As it is FX based, you can create and load presets. Just place it in the Track Input FX chain and REAPER will record remapped notes in your MIDI items directly!

The FX in action. Few extra features have been added since this screenshot but it gives a good idea about how it operates. You can see different typical mapping presets for finger drumming (kicks on edges, kicks in middle etc).

I only made few JSFX, mostly MIDI and audio mappers. But what I wanted to highlight here is how cool it is to be able to code your own effect in a DAW. The best effects are the one you actually use, and because this one solved a problem I had, and it solved it exactly as I wanted for using my Maschine Mikro MK3 with REAPER, I am quite satisfied with it. I was able to code this extremely handy effect rapidly, and it is just around 400 lines of code only. If it need to extended to handle different layouts (4×2, 8×2 etc), it could be done without too much trouble.

Definitely, the ability to code your own effects is one of the major REAPER feature.

Stay tuned, the next JSFX I will showcase are way more advanced, and will show you how far we can go in JSFX!

Happy drumming! 🥁

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/16-midi-pads-notes-map-jsfx/"][b]16 MIDI Pads Notes Map JSFX[/b][/url]

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