JozMac JSFX Pack

A pack of free JSFX, with lots of audio processors and visualizers.

Because they are quick to developed, JSFX Effects coding is a good opportunity to build all kind of prototypes.

JozMac took this opportunity and recently released a pack of about 20 JSFX. They all feature some advanced visualization.

Terad Spiral Farey, 4 oscillators with spiral visualization.
Formant filter in JSFX format.
Colored correlation meter.

There are some hidden gems, like a nice Crossfeed effects, which is a simple way to simulate speakers listening on headphone, by letting each chanel of a stereo tracks bleed a bit into the other one. It has various algoritms and few adjustements possibility, making it similar, yet more minimal, to main features of another very good plugins of this genre, GoodHertz CanOpener.

Simulate speaker listening on headphones.

There is also a interesting proximity/distance effect simulator, pretty rare to found in free plugins.

Proximity and distance audio processor.

Lots of the effects are JSFX port of known processing algorithms (gonion meters, polar histogram, etc). This technical aspect can be seen up to the sliders label which doesn’t hide the math jardon, so you have to experiment or know what you are doing (and read the doc) to understand what those paramters do.

This pack is shared free and open source, which allows other JSFX scripters to take a look at the code, and maybe get some inspiration for there own custom effects. Thanks to JozMac for this!

You can discuss this pack on the dedicated Cockos Forum Thread, and find all these JSFX and others, doc, screenshots and infos on the GitHub repository, linked below, which is very nice to see in a JSFX pack!


Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]JozMac JSFX Pack[/b][/url]

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