DMX Light MIDI Control JSFX

Showcase of a set JSFX to control a DMX/CRMX light kit via MIDI, from REAPER.

Controlling a set of lights right from REAPER for perfectly synced animation on the beat? Done!

After weeks of elaboration, a project inaugurating a custom workflow I designed for light control from REAPER has been released, on Friops YT channel. It’s a cover of the metal band Monument, for which he plays the guitar, and created the light show. And what a light light show! 🤩

Control lights in sync with music with JSFX envelope automation.

To make this happen, I created a JSFX and a ReaScript that I showcased on the video below.

The REAPER project, showcasing the script designed for this workflow.

I also designed a JSFX for controlling light live with a drum pad. Quite funny to “play lights”! 😉

Control lights based on MIDI hardware, via REAPER.

The scripts aren’t currently public, they are surely a bit niche for that, but it showcase how REAPER can be extended to work for very specific and unusual case, thanks to its scripting capability, quite unique in DAW world. But if some of you are interested by a premium release of these, let me know!

I detail everything in a very long dedicated article, linked below.

Enjoy! 😎

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]DMX Light MIDI Control JSFX[/b][/url]

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