EAR Production Suite

Plugins and extensions for Audio Definition Model (ADM) workflow in REAPER.

Let’s continue our tour of advanced spatialization researches and solutions made with and for REAPER, by taking a look at a project handled by the BBC R&D department: The EAR Production Suite!

The goal of this suite is to let you handle Audio Definition Model (ADM) workflow in REAPER, for codec-agnostic Next Generation Audio (NGA) productions. In short, ADM is a metadata model to handle information (especially about spatialization) in BW64 files, using an “object” model and automation data, so it’s used for 3D audio, Virtual Reality, this kind of stuffs. Yes, this is really advanced, and as I am not into this field, it will not be able to explain in details. Yet, this doesn’t prevent me to be excited by the fact BBC makes advanced audio research in REAPER. 😎

The suite contains the 3 following components:

  • EAR Production Suite VST
  • ADM Source Export VST
  • REAPER Extension
Overview of the different VST of the suite. Nice and polished UI!

All this is developed and shared for free in open source. The project is still active and seems to have received continuous updates since it’s release in 2020. Always very appreciated to see that top companies are contributing back to the REAPER ecosystem with solid and maintained project like this one.

As often with big company, they don’t promote their work on the official REAPER forum, I had to make a thread for it, and some REAPER users interested by ADM don’t even know that this project exists. Fortunately, ReaLinks is here for you! 😛 A good reason to share this website to your fellow REAPER user friends!

Anyway, there is a lot to explore in this suite, as the concept behind ADM seems quite groundbreaking, so if you are curious, I let you check the website and the video below!

Official tutorial for EAR Production Suite.

Have fun with it! ✨

Feature Image Credits: BBC R&D

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/ear-production-suite/"][b]EAR Production Suite[/b][/url]

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