ReaVolution for Spat

REAPER Config made by FLUX:: SE for use with their Spat VST.

REAPER routing flexibility and big track channel numbers is a major selling point for advanced spatialization wokflow (Surround, Ambisonics, Atmos etc). It interests academic researchers and open source developers, as shown in the previous article about the ATK JSFX pack, but also top DSP companies like FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (FLUX:: SE).

FLUX:: SE offsers some of the most advanced VST for spatialization. They partners with Ircam, one of the most advanced audio research public facility worldwide, to make a very advanced plugin called Spat (now Spat Revolution). The feature set is extensive: HOA, AmbiX, A-Format, B-Format… It seems it does everything expected in the field (Cinema, Gaming, Music Installation, Live Events, Virtual Reality etc…).

Spatialization in Spat Revolution. Very advanced speakers configuration and objects (tracks) positioning.

Because it is so complex, FLUX:: SE decided to help users by sharing some configurations file. That’s how they released ReaVolution, a complete REAPER Config, for quick jump into Spat Revolution workflow!

Introduction to ReaVolution.

ReaVolution is an advanced config: it has, custom toolbars, menus, reaper settings, templates, custom JSFX and scripts. And good thing, it is shared open source and free for everyone (Spat Revolution being quite expensive, and this config haven’t little use without it it, this is very welcome).

It is nice to see advanced audio effects companies prioritize REAPER, to the point that they create custom resource for it. Nice achievement for software without any marketing team!

I let you explore the config and the VST. You will find more info on the release post, and on the project page, linked below! It is very well explained, with screenshots, and videos, which is a good thing cause this means that this article doesn’t need to be too long. 😉

Have fun!

Image Credits: Ircam, FLUX:: SE

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]ReaVolution for Spat[/b][/url]

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