An extension to route solo tracks into a dedicated bus, just like live consoles.

We recently spoke about ReaLlm extension, and guess what, its author just released a brand new one! It is called ReaSolotus, and its goal is just to auto-route soloed tracks to a dedicated bus, to mimic consoles dedicated to live shows. This is known as known as Cue / PFL / Listen. It could have been name ReaSoloBus, but this would have been too obvious I guess. 😂

Demo of ReaSolotus.

You can download it for free as it is developed and shared open source. Thanks to the dev!

This release is pretty fresh, so if you want to give it try, see how it works in details and if it works as expected etc, you can check its dedicated thread on the Cockos Forum, linked below.

Happy great live shows with it! 🤘

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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