Fancier Remote Web Interface

Remote control REAPER from your smartphone.

Did you know that you can control REAPER right from your smartphone? You don’t have anything else

Controlling REAPER remotely is really helpful for people who have to record themselves while moving between different position (like in front of the computer VS stand up in front of the mic) or people who have to go into different room etc.

One way to to it is to use the Remote Web Browser Interface REAPER feature. You don’t even have to install any app, it is just a web page you can access run on any browser of your local network, so it is easily accessible from your smartphone (or even other computers).

Setup and Demo of the default web interface, “index.html”.

This one, Fancier, by White Tie, is also one of the official interfaces packaged within REAPER, so any REAPER installation have it already. It is an extended version of the default one (simply called “index”), which already featured tracks volume control, mute/solo and few other navigation control (play, rec, stop…). The Fancier version is the best, as it as has other nice extra things like track color, regions and markers display… And All this with a really good UI!

Nice demo of this Fancier interface.

I promote this web interface here cause it is not the default one, so it may be hidden for lots of user, and also because it will serve as an introduction for other community-made users interface I’ll show you later.

Have fun with it! 📱

Feature Image Credits: White Tie

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Fancier Remote Web Interface[/b][/url]

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