Let’s Talk About REAPER YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel with lots of REAPER tutorials.

All is said right from the channel name: on Let’s Talk About REAPER YouTube videos, you will see tutorials, feature showcase, mixing tricks, hidden gems… well, any thing which can be related to REAPER!

Mik, it’s creator, focus essential on music production – recording an mixing. His relaxed and casual discussion style (cup of coffee in the hand) can be very appreciated by beginners, who want to take time for learning a particular tricks or feature and digest explications which can be complicated, especially on technical subjects.

Screenshot of Let’s Talk About REAPER YouTube videos.

The channel is pretty recent (it really started 2 years ago) but there is already more than 150 videos, so it is a very active channel where you can learn lot of tricks. A good complement to reaperblog videos!

If you like the channel, you can support Mik’s work with donation or Patreon (links in videos description).

Happy learning! 🖖

Feature Image Credits: Mik

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/lets-talk-about-reaper-youtube-channel/"][b]Let’s Talk About REAPER YouTube Channel[/b][/url]

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