Scrolling Lyrics Web Interface

A web interface to display lyrics or text in-sync with REAPER.

After a showcased of different solutions for having synced lyrics display for REAPER by BartR, a forum Cockos member, where he showcased a lot of solutions including HeDa’s notes and an web interface I made. There is definitely some nice things, but none of solutions meet BartZ expectations on every way: my interface for eg only display current lyrics, which can be just what is needed for some case, but for voice recording, it doesn’t let the singer be prepared for the next line.

The video showcasing various ways to have synced Lyrics with REAPER, before I made this interface.

So I decided to code a solution which would solve most of the feature requests: a new synced scrolling display! We can see similar display on some major streaming companies, like Deezer.

My synced scrolling lyrics web interface in action. You can see how it auto-scroll with REAPER playback! It can also be accessed via mobile.

To run, it uses a companion ReaScript, which send text items notes content (in which you have written the lyrics) into the web interface. Then, you just need to access this web interface from any device (a browser window on the same computer, a mobile phone or external tablet etc) and voilà!

It’s minimal, so it isn’t distracting, and has big text, which make it easy to read even on mobile. If necessary, it can be modded easily as the code is really minimal for extreme efficiency.

It’s possible that it works best on FireFox than Chrome for now, I’ll take a look if I have reports about this!

Since BartR video, at least several new ways of displaying lyrics have emerged, like my Karaoke Viewer and binbinhFR Lyricator, which is like my scrolling interface as REAPER script (not for external use on mobile). Stimulating to see how prolific the community can be!

More infos about my interface usage on the dedicated forum thread!

Happy singing! 🎙

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Scrolling Lyrics Web Interface[/b][/url]

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