Tukan JSFX Pack

A free collection of JSFX, mostly inspired by analog gear.

Among current top current JSFX pack made by REAPER users, there is one which got quite some attention recently: Tukan JSFX Pack!

Tukan Studios JSFX are mostly analog inspired effects, for regular musical audio processing like EQ, compressors, channel strips, VU-meters etc, with advanced audio DSP to mimic some hardware related characteristics. Among the most advanced effect on the pack, there is even a Multi-FX for guitar. It may not compete with top plugins of this kind, but for an open source JSFX, it’s quite cool!

These JSFX have a distinctive analog inspired GUI style, with, most of the time, fixed-size PNG graphics. I think it would have been nice to have more flexible GUI, maybe with bigger resolution, but it doesn’t prevent using the plugins for sure.

The YouTube channel of John Matthews (behind Tukan Studios) showcases some of these plugins, which is very welcome for having in-depth explanations. You can also find other channels videos about these, a good proof of the popularity of this pack among JSFX users. It even fot an article on Bedroom Producer Blog, pretty rare for a JSFX!

Last FX demo on Tukan Studios / John Matthews YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, the textual documentation is pretty light and a bit sparse. The GitHub repository, where files are hosted, doesn’t have any readme file or wiki, despite a Pull Request has been made about it. Such textual help to reference every links related to this (the ReaPack download link, the forum thread link etc), and explain what each of these plugins does (as we can see on Saike’s JSFX readme). But keep in mind that these are free, and writing documentation is time consuming. Anyway, to be helpful, I took extra time to list and to make screenshots of the current 69 Tukan plugins for this article. Click on the spoiler button below to see these!


AC Trem
Black DeNoiser S2
Blacklight Modulation S2
Blue Compressor S2
Bus Comp S2
Bus Comp
CMeter Send
Compressor 2
Compressor 3
Delay Machine
Delay Machine2
Dis-Treasure Compact
Envelope Shaper
EQT-2Kan S2
ExpGate 2
FFT Mono Template
FFT Stereo Template
Green Circles Meter S2
Green Dynamic EQ S2
Guitar Amp
Guitar Station S2
Khaki Delay S2
Lexikan 2
Lime Deesser S2
Limiter 2
Limiter 3
MCP Meter
Modulation 2
Multiband Processor
NC76 S2
Orange EQ S2
Peak Needle 2
Phase Vocoder Mono Template
Phase Vocoder Stereo Template
Phase Vocoder Stereo Transposer
Purple Gate Expander S2
Red Lexikan S2
SC Filter
SNR Meter
SumBus S2
SumChannel S2
SumThing SI
Tape Recorder S2
Tape Recorder
Tool S2
Turquoise Limiter S2
VariBus Comp S2
VariBus Comp
Verb Ducker
Violet Envelope Shaper S2

You can find more infos about Tukan JSFX plugins (download link, support, etc) on the dedicated Cockos Forum thread, linked below! And if you like Tukan Studios project, consider support him on Patreon, as all this is free and open source!

Cheers! 🔊

Feature Image Credits: Tukan Studios

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/tukan-jsfx-pack/"][b]Tukan JSFX Pack[/b][/url]

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