The first DawProject / RPP converter.

Few days ago, Bitwig and PreSonus released DawProject, an open source exchange format for DAW. A very nice and welcome initiative, as other exchange formats doesn’t have a lot of information (they usually don’t have any FX infos).

DawProject is natively implemented by Bitwig Studio and Studio One.

In an instant, it was linked on Cockos forum, and the joke (at least for me) was to see who will be the first to make a DawProject to REAPER Project (RPP) (and the other way around) converter.

It turns out that in few days, moss win the raced by releasing a app called ProjectConverter, making REAPER the 3rd Daw to be able to work with DawProject. The name of the app is a very generic, but it was designed for DawProject and REAPER workflow exclusively.

Demo of ProjectConverter

I don’t think DawProject will be native in REAPER, but there are high chances that it become part, in the near future, of the most two well known solid and mature RPP converters: Vordio, and AATranslator.

Meanwhile, you can see more infos about ProjectConverter on the dedicated forum thread, linked just below!

Congrats to moss, and thanks to him for sharing it free! 🏆

Feature Image Credits: Bitwig, Moss

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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