New major version of REAPER, just released!

4 years after v6, after weeks of pre-releases and months of beta of its main new features and continuous feedback from the community, REAPER v7 is out ! 🎉

There is a lots of new things in this release, and lots of optimization / bug fixes which are always very welcome. There is a lot to explore, and sometimes, it is just one single line in changelog which can make the difference for a part of the users base (like having 128 channels per tracks, which is useful for people mixing in ATMOS).

Announcement on REAPER website.

Main new features are FX Containers, Track Lanes & Swipe Comping. These are showcased in Kenny’s video about REAPER 7.

FX Containers in REAPER 7
Track Lanes & Comping in REAPER 7

For general question about REAPER v7 and minor appearance changes tweaking, you can check reaperblog FAQ video:

FAQ about REAPER v7

I’m so used yet to not have containers and to use take system that I am not sure how it will be integrated in my workflow but this is for sure very interesting. And some things I had requested have been integrated so I am quite happy. 😉

Of course, every REAPER users have his own personal list of feature requests which didn’t make it, so maybe for a next time, if we are lucky 🤞. Among these, I would have love to see:

  • Thumbnail for video items, as seen in video editor (current workaround use script, but not optimum)
  • Ripple edit from item edges, which can be very nice for podcast. (current workaround is amagalma’s dedicated script)
  • Some kind of Track Sticking or Split Arrange View, to be able to keep some tracks on top
  • MPE and PolyAfter Touch better editing in the MIDI Editor (any MIDI editor enhancements is nice)
  • and few other less impressive things but which would be very nice anyway (Colored piano roll, Items notes always visible at scroll etc…)

I invite you to support these threads if you are interesting by these as well!

Meanwhile, you can find more about this v7 release, on REAPER website, linked below!

Cheers! 🥳

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]REAPER 7.0[/b][/url]

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