MIDI Event Editor Toolbar

A toolbar to allow bulk editing of MIDI event properties.

REAPER MIDI Editor is a bit minimal, and some REAPER modal windows are a bit rough. Fortunately, scripts can help!

Take a look these two native MIDI Event Editor windows for example. Simple modal popups.

The native Event Properties window.
Edit Text Event window.

These do the job, ok. But when you need to open/close it thousands of time, it isn’t that good from user experience perspective.

This is why sockmonkey72 made MIDI Event Editor, as dockable script toolbar, with text inputs for various elements properties. Contrary to the native Event Editor window, it is not a popup, meaning that it can stay open all the times, and it’s values will update at each selection. Incrementation and decrementation of number fields can be done simply with arrows keys and mouse-wheel, which is very handy, and instinctive. Its horizontal and scalable layout means that it can be displayed really big at bottom or on top of the MIDI editor.

MIDI Event Editor toolbar, working on CC. See how it can even scale values between two numbers.

But this script goes further and solves issues faced with the native Event Properties popup : indeed, with this native window, you can’t edit text values of text events. And the native Edit Text Event Properties window can’t do it on multiple text events (pretty sure a feature request has already be opened about this). You can do that in MIDI Event Editor, making it the only simple solution for multi text event editing. Very handy for workflows relying on lots of text event, like writing MIDI lyrics!

I still wish for REAPER to have better MIDI Editor, but meanwhile, this script will help for sure. It has been shared free and open source, which is very generous from the author. He definitely deserves some support, as the script could be extended to allow even more nice features (color theming etc). You will find all info about this script on the dedicated Cockos Forum thread, linked below.

Happy MIDI! 🎵

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/midi-event-editor-toolbar/"][b]MIDI Event Editor Toolbar[/b][/url]

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