A website to reference interesting REAPER related resources.

Hi everyone! So It’s been almost ten years that I am a REAPER user, and about as much that I am contributors in its community.

There are so much good things made by users, but only a few of them pass the forum barrier and are promoted on other platforms, and some of the most advanced stuffed definitely doesn’t have the visibility they deserve.

To be fair, following all that comes up is quite difficult, as the forum doesn’t have any specific distinctions (categories, tag system, thread name convention) between releases and simple questions type of thread. This means that if you are lurking the Theme forum to find a fancy UI zip, for eg, you will have to skip all threads about “how to edit rt-config.txt file” kind of questions, and you will have to no way to just list all themes. This is even more accentuated in ReaScript forum.

Also sometimes, a resource hasn’t even been promoted anywhere. It is just website page or a repository where somebody uploaded some cools files but didn’t want to care about any kind of communication, and it can only found by chance after a random reaper related search.

Because of these difficulties, lots of people don’t even try to follow these stuffs, and often miss things they would have appreciated greatly, if they knew it existed. It is not rare I show a script to a friend, and reveal it is already available since years, but it is hard to find because bad keywords, or because it needed deep forum searches. So much hidden gems! 💎

These problems aren’t new, and I had the idea of having a website since years. And the more I waited, the more resources came, and the more advanced they become. I have dozens of REAPER-related bookmarks who definitely deserve attentions.

Let’s consider it: what it this website existed? How resources will be organized? How it will be displayed? What features the website should have to be really helpful? How hard can it be? And… how much time and effort it would take to build and maintain something like this?

Well, the only way to know… is to actually try! 😆A good occasion to have fun with code.

I haven’t the answers yet, I don’t even know if I will put it public or maintain in the long run. But I have tons of ideas. So we’ll see how it goes.

See you in few weeks! 🖖

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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