X-Raym ReaScript Documentation

Interactive ReaScript API functions documentation.

The ReaScript documentation is an HTML document which can be generated from any REAPER instance. It displays the entire list of functions available for scripting.

Yet, it’s infamous for a reason: it is gigantic white page with almost no formatting which is especially hard to read, and without any special feature, leaving you with your browser search feature which is very limited. I even drew a ReaComics about it.

Welcome to ReaScript, human. 🤖

As I had experience in Web Programming, I started to mod this document right at the beginning of my ReaScripting journey, to make it more beautiful and pleasing to read, using a dark theme and with colored highlights, so it can be less intimidating for everyone, and I uploaded the document publicly so that anyone could enjoy it.

I also coded dedicated parsers (JavaScript, then Python) for the development side to format the erroneous generated HTML of the source document into a semantic HTML bug-free one (this was the hardest part for sure). This allowed me to polish the design and to add even more features to it, so it became more interactive. with search input for function list, and click to copy, among other handy things.

Long story short (you can read the dedicated Cockos Forum thread Documentation: Reascripthelp with Styles and Filtering Tables about it if you want the full changelog history), I recently recoded a lot of it, with efficiency in mind, as some recent extensions have added a tons of functions which made the document even bigger and slow to process. It has more than 2200 registered functions with their definition. Huge!

It’s all corrected now: I ditched all libraries and recoded the related features from scratch. It is now so efficient it can even run on mobile. You can see the results in the screenshot on top of the article, and in the screenshot below.

My ReaScript documentation page enhancements. ✨

I’m still maintaining this document at each REAPER updates as I do since years, so it stays accurate and relevant. This represent dozens hours of free work since its initial release, so if you want to give me a bit of support via donation for eg, this will be more than appreciated, especially if you script professionally! 🙏

Have fun ReaScripting!🧙‍♂️

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/x-raym-reascript-documentation/"][b]X-Raym ReaScript Documentation[/b][/url]

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