REAPER Action List Webpage

Interactive list of actions, including extensions and scripts.

“Does this action exists ?” “is there an action for… ?” “Has anyone made a script to…?”
These are common questions for reaper users.

To help people on the forum or to be able to answer some questions even if I’m not on REAPER, I built a web page with my own action list. This way I can see what actions already exists, how they are named etc…

As it is for my personal needs, it is pretty minimal, yet functional. It doesn’t have any extra infos or fancy features like synonyms, translation search, Boolean operators or reapack related infos at this moment as it would be quite overkill, but it does have:

  • user input to filter the list (start at 4 characters for performance saving)
  • mobile friendly design
  • partial string matching highlighting
  • click/touch to copy
  • performance optimized
  • New: URL Queries (see below)

And I just pushed an update today, which can make this webpage even more handy for helping others: what you type in the input box is now also pushed in your browser address, so you can take a links which will redirect to this page, but with the filter already activated! You were able to share actions names via simple click to copy, and now you can share search results via URL. Handy!

You can now share search results.

More infos on the dedicated cockos forum thread!

Please let me know if you find this tool helpful! 😉


Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]REAPER Action List Webpage[/b][/url]

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