The most advanced JSFX EQ.

When nitsuj released his ReEQ JSFX free and open source on the REAPER forum, it was a surprise for everyone. Not only the script sounds nice, but it is also looks very good looking for a JSFX, for which anything more than rectangles and circles can be considered advanced. The script is so advanced for a JSFX that it also impressed Cockos: they made some updates to JSFX so that REAPER can handle this more efficiently.

ReEQ is a parametric EQ, with a tons of extra features:

  • resizable GUI
  • spectrum display
  • Mid/Side support
  • Filter shapes support (lots of them, including tilt shelf, pultec style etc)
  • auto-gain compensation
  • and high-quality mode
  • etc…

It was definitely inspired by Fab Filter Pro-Q, and despite not having as many features or as polished UI than this flagship VST, the fact ReEQ is free and and open source and has things than even the native REAPER EQ doesn’t offer (slopes steepness), its release was well acclaimed by the community.

Quick overview by nitsuj.

It was one (if not the) bigger user made JSFX when it was released (around 5000 lines of code!), so it is a good showcase of how far users can pushed effects coding inside REAPER with a good amount and skills and dedication.

The script can be freely downloaded by ReaPack. You will can find all the infos the dedicated REAPER forum thread below.

Happy EQuing! 🎧

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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