JS ReaScript API Extension

An extension to add new functions to ReaScript API.

When Juliansader posted the screenshot above on the forum, we were surely as curious and surprised as you are now if you see it for the first time. Be reassured, the point of the extension he was showcasing was NOT to add dices images to REAPER code editor. Juliansader’s ReaScript API extension purpose is just to bring functions to other scripts. It doesn’t do anything else, it is just a library of functions. The screenshot above is just one of the random test made by julian when he presented his extension back in 2018.

This free extension is part of ReaTeam repository activated by default in the Reapack extension, so if you have this installed, you already have JS extension as well, and maybe you are already using functions from it, called by some of your favorite scripts, under the hood.

What this extension brings to scripter is a lot of nice handy functions, related to files for example (to get file info, to have a save to file browser window), related to getting infos from REAPER window, to mouse and keyboard states, to ZIP, and even to drawing on the REAPER UI. This was a major hit, cause it is thanks to this that Sexan, another scripter, made an Area Selection script, which attracted Cockos attention, who ended making their own thing, the Razor Edit feature, native into REAPER. Yes, it all started with JS ReaScript extension and some drawing experimentation by adventurous scripters!

You can see the list of available functions in the ReaScript Documentation, all the functions being prefixed by “JS_”.

Extract of the list of JS ReaScript functions (393 currently).

Happy coding! 🖥

Feature Image Credits: juliansader

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/js-reascript-api/"][b]JS ReaScript API Extension[/b][/url]

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