Heda’s ReaScripts

A pack of really advanced ReaScripts.

Heda’s is one of the most advanced ReaScripter around. He is here since 2015 and has pushed the limit of what was made with GUI way beyond everyone else every did before.

Everyone one of his scripts could deserve (and will surely have, at some point) a dedicated article on Realinks, but I will quickly showcase here his most notable work.

First, we can take a look at Heda’s Mixer, a script based Mixer window, with audio waveform display and lots ot extra layouts and cutomization.

Heda’s Mixer.

One of the most popular Heda’s script is the Track Inspector, a panel to put on the side of your arrange view to display lots of information about selected tracks, including big vertical meters, sends level, loudness level etc, quickly accessible.

Heda’s Track Inspector

The secret mixing tool I use for my audio fictions is the Loudness Graph, a multi tracks visualization of Loudness across time. Very handy for dialog mixing. I don’t know any other plugin or DAW which can provide such graph. Some of its feature are merged into Heda’s Mixer but I still use this one as I find the display handy. (UPDATE 2023-10-03: The graph in Heda’s Mixer seems to be better than the this one now!).

Heda’s Loudness Graph

The Notes Reader is a nice colored window to display item notes content in a dedicated frame with adjustable text-size (contrary to the SWS Notes Window). This can be handy in a variety of workflows, from subtitling, to chords display, and even karaoke, thanks to a karaoke mod.

Heda’s Notes Reader

Among his other scripts, you will also find a script to render seamless loop, a project browser with image viewer… Good stuffs!

Heda’s scripts pack is more about really advanced tools than small utility scripts. And because it requires so much time and effort to make, a donation is asked to be able to access them via his script manager and have updates for a certain period of time. It’s Pay What You Want, so anyone can benefit from them, so thanks to Heda to make these affordable!

I let you explore the rest of his catalog for now, and surely showcase some of these scripts in more details in later articles.

Meanwhile, have fun with this pack! ⭐

Feature Image Credits: Heda

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/heda-reascripts/"][b]Heda’s ReaScripts[/b][/url]

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