Handy REAPER tips presented in a brand new shiny website.

Fresh news: a new REAPER related website, just came out… and it is awesome!

Alejandro Hernandez, has been sharing already reaper tips for years on social media and YouTube. He only missed a website to centralize all this and be able to present them with maximum efficiency. That’s how he came to make ReaperTips!

The work Alejandro put on each tricks is amazing. Fancy funny thumbnails, screenshots, videos etc… All this made from scratch. The posts are well organized, with tags and categories in the Tips Library, so it is easy to find tricks. He also makes some tutorials for community-made resources, which is extremely nice, as lots of good things are shared by users with little to no announcement and visibility at all.

The reading is very pleasing thanks to a very carefully thought modern design, and friendly explanation style. Rare enough these days, but there are no ads, which let focus on the actual content.

Here are exemples of what kind of articles you can already found on ReaperTips:

You will also found hand crafted resources to download, prepared meticulously by Alejandro. Take a look at reaper 6 colored icon pack for exemple: not only this pack is great, even the presentation is shiny! He also wrote an e-book for beginners, The Perfect Setup, and this is free as well!

To folllow ReaperTips, you subscribe to the monthly Newsletter, follow on main Social Media, or can use the RSS Feed. You can also consider just going on the website regularly! πŸ˜‹

Alejandro is very opened to discussions and helping others, so don’t hesitate if you want to contact him (he even has a Discord server), or to support him via donation from his website. I know for a while, he is very nice guy, very passionate by reaper for sure! Plus, he plays metal guitar, which is cool. 🎸😎

I have to admit that ReaperTips is so nice, it gives me a good impulse to start really working on ReaLinks, which was just what I was missing to try realize it, despite having the idea in mind since a long time. Thanks for the inspiration, Alejandro! 🀘

Have fun learning all the ReaperTips!

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