ReaScript/JSFX Discord Server

A Discord server to talk about REAPER coding.

Wether you are either a beginner or an expert, discussing with other ReaScript coders is a necessity, if you want to have your questions answers, and assist other people in return.

There are indeed a lot of possibility of exploration for coding with REAPER, and each one of top ReaScripters have his own specialties (MIDI, Audio Processing, Items Editing, GUI…).

The best place to ask for help is for sure the Cockos REAPER Forum. This is where almost everyone is, including Cockos developer. Forums are nice: the content is public even not registered, it is accessible via web search engine, it allows better organization of discussion via threads, privacy is way better than other social media…

Though, the forum isn’t ideal: it is best on old technology, so mobile friendliness could be better; you have to refresh the page to know if you have an answer or activate mail notifications; and forum discussion can become cluttered quite easily (especially because of the quote button)… Discussions can be spread over days, so sometimes, just being able to live chat would would be way more efficient.

One of the place you can do this is the ReaScript Discord Server, created by BirdBird, one of the top current ReaScripter (I’ll show some of his script on ReaLinks for sure). It is free and accessible to join for anyone with a Discord Account. There is about 300 members currently, there is a friendly ambiance, so it is a great help to find/give help, or just to discuss about coding for REAPER. It has dedicated channels: ReaScripts, JSFX, Extension, and ReaImGui.

Discord is a modern instant messaging system which can be accessible via Web or via mobile App. It is has some nice features, like syntax color when you post code snippet, quick post formatting, post emojis reactions and no ads. I let you search on the web if you want to know more info about Discord in general (usage, privacy rules, business model etc…).

It doesn’t replace the ReaScript Forum, as the discussion style is way different, and the discussion are not indexable by search engine. But it can be a great complement to have to level up your ReaScript skills!

Anyway, you are free to join, with the link put on the forum thread linked below. See you there! 🐦🦜

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]ReaScript/JSFX Discord Server[/b][/url]

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