A set of scripts for advanced sound design workflows.

When a professional with coding skills takes the time to craft his own dream REAPER scripts for his work, the results can be astonishing. But what is even more rare and appreciated, it is when these scripts are shared publicly by its author! This is the case for the set of premium scripts by Nick von Kaenel, sound designer for several Star Wars games, with his pack called nvk_Tools!

Some nvk scripts sets are so advanced that they are not just actions, but complete workflow proposal. And one great thing about nvk premium scripts is that they all have very advanced video tutorials.

Let’s start with the most impressive script of the pack, nvk_CREATE. It has been made in collaboration with Neutronic. The idea is to automatically create layers sound designs, based on a single search your Media Libraries and your track layout, with variations, trimming the results, aligning items etc… It has its own GUI, waveform preview, and is extremely efficient. Next level stuff!

nvk_CREATE: Instant Sound Creation in REAPER

nvk_WORKFLOW is more a set of scripts than a particular scripts. It is meant for game audio in particular, and are mostly about making quick variations of layered sounds and render set-up for different situation, when defined to keyboard shortcuts. There can be a bit of a learning curve to learn such workflows but when master, it can definitely be extra efficient if your work imply similar tasks.

nvk_WORKFLOW: An Extremely Fast Game Audio Workflow in REAPER

The pack features also some very specific scripts, dedicated to one one single task, solved in a very efficient way.

nvk_AUTODOPPLER: A FasterWay to Create Doppler Effects in REAPER
nvk_LOOPMAKER: Create Seamless Loops Instantly in REAPER

All these scripts, are shared via ReaPack (link on the support page of the website) and can be freely tested with a several days demo. The pack also contains some free scripts. The way they have been packed is a bit unusual: instead of having one package per script, it has one metapackage for all scripts in a category. This prevents the use of version control and other metadata infos visibility in ReaPack Browser at script level. This is really minor inconvenience compared to what the pack has to offer, you will surely go to this pack for the premium scripts anyway! 😎

You can get more details about these scripts on the dedicated website nvk.tools, or on the related REAPER forum thread, which currently features more infos, like the list of free scripts. You can also follow nvk on social media, to not miss any of his future work!

Enjoy! 🕹

Feature Image Credits: nvk

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:


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