Saike’s JSFX Workshop

The most advanced collection of JSFX.

As MIDI and Audio effects which can be coded directly into REAPER, JSFX are the perfect solution to make small utilitarian scripts, as we can see among the ones provided by Cockos natively. But JSFX can also be used for more advanced stuffs, which is nice for DSP prototyping. And if there is one place to look for such advanced JSFX, it would be Saike’s JSFX pack, which contains some of the most advanced JSFX ever made!

SEQS – Effects Sequencer, a multi-FX JSFX!

Saike’s JSFX works is impressive, and he would surely deserve the title of the most productive advanced JSFX scripter around. His scripts often feature GUI which are far ahead any other JSFX (yes, the thumbnail of this post is one of his JSFX, Lava Verb), with all kind curves controls, sliders, animations, particles etc…

Nostalgizer – Lo-fi effect, a JSFX, and its very unique GUI.

He also shared some utilities which are very well done, like it’s band splitter which is far more superior than the native one, and very ergonomics.

A beautiful band splitter-joiner with spectrogram display, and linear phase toggle.

In contrast, some of his JSFX are so advanced on DSP side that they became quite intimidating, but they can be quite the dream for most tech-oriented users out there. These are indubitable proofs that Saike’s knowledge in audio programming is top-level, and it’s inspiring to see a developer experimenting on technical stuffs that much.

Filther – Dynamic filtering effect, a very advanced distortion-wave shaper FX with tons of filters types and technical possibilities.

I have to give a special thanks Saike’s who once developed an extreme upward compressor (called Ravager) based on some tricks I saw in a Doom-Argent Metal related tutorial. He pushes the concept even beyond what was initially showcased by making it multiband, with waveform display etc… So cool!

Ravager, extreme upward compressor.

All his work is shared open source and for free on ReaPack, which is extremely generous to him considering to massive work and expertise there are behind these tools.

Reflectosaurus, soundscape effect

There are a lots of other effect which could deserve to be showcased here (the GUI are so nice, and he also made some ReaScripts!), but I let you explore his dedicated README page linked below, where all his JSFX are explained, with text and audio examples. You can also discuss these on the dedicated Cockos Forum Thread.

Bric-a-brac – Texture machine, add texture to sounds in JSFX!

Have fun! ⛺(yes, this tent emoji refers to one of Saike’s GUI, Dusk Verb!)

Note : if you use some tools marked as Alpha or Beta versions in real projects, considering making render.

Image Credits: Saike

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Saike’s JSFX Workshop[/b][/url]

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