Cockos REAPER Forum

The official REAPER forum.

They say one of the best feature of REAPER is its community. The Cockos REAPER Forum is where happens most of the discussion occurs.

If you have any question about REAPER, this is the first place to look for. And if you don’t find an answer, just create a new thread and you will get an answer quickly.

It is also the place to:

Cockos team (Justin and Schwa) is very active there as well. They focus on important things (bug reports), and leave the community take care of the rest.

The only downside is the old forum engine, and old style GUI not very mobile friendly, and lack some goodies of modern forums (post upvote, link integration, post suggestion in title to see if the thread doesn’t already exist, full emoji support…), but if you pass this, then a whole world will open to you!

See you there!

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Cockos REAPER Forum[/b][/url]

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