ReaLinks 2023 Recap

A quick recap of ReaLinks 2023, and top 10 of the year!

Happy new year, everyone! 🥳

Let’s star the year with a small recap of this ReaLinks first year!

Overall, the project has been very well welcomed and got lots of positive feedbacks on REAPER Forum. Nice!

I’m also pretty happy with the platform I have build (design and feature), so this is quite satisfying! 😉

In 2023, I wrote 69 articles showcasing REAPER contributions. This is more than one a week. Here are the most popular articles:

  1. Tukan JSFX Pack
  2. CSI v3 – Control Surface Integration Extension
  3. Saike’s JSFX Workshop
  4. reARK Theme and Template
  5. MPL Scripts
  6. Native JSFX Complete List with Screenshots
  7. ReaSpaghetti Visual Scripter
  8. nvk Tools
  9. LambDAW
  10. ReaImGui

Congrats to the contributors of the resources above, and thanks for your work for the REAPER community! 🏆

In total, this represents several ten of thousands of views, and a bit less than two hundreds newsletter subscribers. Pretty good for a website without any social media! 😉(I didn’t expect lot of newsletter subscribers, people are mostly following the forum thread I guess).

There are still a lot of resources which would deserve to be promoted here. Unfortunately, I had to slow down publication schedule these past months. My goal with ReaLinks isn’t just to index contributions, but to be able to explain them precisely, to compare with other solutions, to add context, illustrations etc. This means that I need to read associated documentations, set-up test projects, test the thing, and often even report few things to the author to make some process smoother for new user (else there is a possibility that I would be asked to make support 😂) or to ask for some clarification, before article publication. Sometimes, I even had to build my own tools just for an article, like I did for the Native JSFX Complete List with Screenshots post.

All these require a lot of time and work. Redacting an article often take several hours, from redaction to publication, not even counting promotion. In addition to the web design/architecture part, I easily spent more than a couple of hundreds hours in total on ReaLinks so far. This is totally free and unsponsored work. It is unfortunately becoming harder and harder to justify considering my situation, and the fact I still do other kind of free work almost daily, like ReaScripting, and user assistance.

So, if you want to support my work and be sure I can allow myself to dedicate more time to ReaLinks, please consider one of my premium ReaScripts pack. This will really help! Thanks for your consideration! ❤

What are your thoughts of so far. What was your favorite resource showcased this year? Do you enjoy the articles, or do you just scroll down to the link? Would you consider some kind of Patrons system to support this project? Let me know in comments, here on the Cockos Forum!

See you in 2024, for new top REAPER user contributions! 🥳

Feature Image Credits: Twemoji (featured image emoji)

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