Paranormal FX Router

FX containers and parallel processing assistant.

REAPER is quite flexible, has it allows making parallel routing right on a single tracks. This is useful for multi-band processing for example. It’s possible thanks to several features:

Yet, some of these features may lack a bit of user-friendliness. FX containers, for example is pretty rough. The issue is these powerful features get underused, and we end up not taking advantage of them as much as they could deserve, and we tend to either use more tracks, which can become complex as well, or to use multi-FX (like Kilohearts Multipass and Snap Heap), which are very nice but may not have the FX we want (some multi-FX can host other VST, but this as some limitations as well in automation, parameter mapping etc).

Native FX containers: we can’t see all the FX in the chain at a single glimpse, we need to click on the various containers to see what is inside. Also, there is a lot of lost blank spaces.

Some minor tweaks could already bring a lot of usability enhancements to these containers, and as this feature is pretty new, it is reasonable to expect that it can still change a bit. But let’s think outside the box. What would be the best way to manage complex FX routing?

For sure, we would need to be able to see every FX and the whole routing without much clicking. Space should be optimized between elements. We should be able to insert FX anywhere. Oh, and dark theme.

Let’s introduce: Paranormal FX Router ReaScript!

Paranormal FX Router Script in action!

Tree view, block based, very readable, possibility to add FX add every nodes, mixer and bypass buttons everywhere… A really interesting proposition for FX routing! And as it is just an assistant, under the hood it do all this using only native features mentioned above : you can open it when needed, and quit it when you have finished your FX tweaking.

This script is made by Sexan, who is one of the most advanced REAPER scripter out there. He already blew everyone’s mind with it’s ReaSpaghetti Visual Scripter script. Once again, he pushed REAPER scripting and ReaImGui extension to the next level. An impressive job which has already been noticed by the community !

Reapertips first demo

This script is pretty new, and new updates are coming quickly. Two days after first demo on Reapertips, there was already new features which made it even more appealing. Without surprise, lots of people want Cockos to follows some ideas from this script for native implementation!

Reapertips two days after

You can follow this project and support Sexan on the dedicated forum thread, linked below! It has lots of demo, about simple and advanced usage of this script. Ah, and I forgot: it’s free and open source! How cool is that? 😉

Happy (paranormal) Routing 👻 !

Feature Image Credits: Sexan

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Paranormal FX Router[/b][/url]

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