Adaptive Music Scripts Pack

A set of three scripts for Game Music and Live Play, including Layers, Alternator et ReaGoTo.

Yesterday I was showcasing the ReaImGui extension and telling how it was game changing for making GUI with ReaScript. At the same time, daniellumertz released 3 advanced ReaImGui based scripts. Perfect timing, here is a fresh release I can show you to illustrates what nice things can be done with ReaImGui!

These 3 scripts are initially thought for adaptive music in game music field. Composing for games is very different than composing regular music, as you have to think in terms of loops and layers in a non-linear way (you have to able to define different orders of play, randomization on layers etc). These scripts are an attempts (and very successful one!) to replicate some features found on game music softwares, right in REAPER, for quick testing and prototyping. This is pretty niche for sure, but I’m sure they could have use in other fields like live music.

Here is a video demo of the three scripts, presented by their author:

Quick intro to the three different scripts. You can go on the channel to see the other video.

Here is a quick overview of the scripts.


With Layers, you can cross-fade tracks by using custom volume multipliers curve (volume against time) per track and a global transition slider. Very handy to hear how layers of sounds will blend based on different situations, which happens a lot in game music.

Crossfading between two tracks with symetrical fades curve.

This is the most advanced script in the pack. It can perform on lots of tracks at the same time, and you have this beautiful curve features thanks to ReaImGui. It gives me a lot of ideas, like having a 360° rotation knob instead of slider, having ways to link some tracks so they share the same curve, or so they are symmetrical, a way to snap the curve points in a adjustable grid etc… Huge potential!

Horizontal Sequences – ReaGoTo

With this script, you can create a list of regions, which will be played one after the other, even if non consecutive. This is helpful because in game audio, regions can be spaced from one the other.

Play regions in a chosen order, skipping spaces.


This scripts allows to play different group of active takes within a loop section. You can chose the sequence, the number of repeats and all kind of advanced stuffs.

Play different set of takes within a loop.

This only scratch the surface of what the script can do. Indeed, daniellumertz released 1 hour of video tutorial on his channel to showcase everything! MIDI Learn, save presets etc… A lot to explore! It is not that common to have tutorials for scripts so this is really appreciated, especially considered how much advanced they are.

The 3 scripts are shared for free via Reapack, which is really generous. A donation link is available on the dedicated forum thread, if you want to thanks daniellumertz for his work!

Have fun with these! 🕹

Feature Image Credits: daniellumertz

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Adaptive Music Scripts Pack[/b][/url]

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