New and powerful action launcher and FX browser script.

REAPER is made a several window to be able to search for different kind of content: actions list for triggering actions, FX Browser for adding FX. These window are full-featured, which is nice of course, but these are a bit overwhelming and take quite some screen space, especially when we just need to do a quick search and don’t need to have windows full of buttons open.

This is why scripts unifying search for all these kind of content inside with one single search field are popular. They are several attempts on this, with slightly different UX, limitations, features etc… But this new one, nvk_SEARCH, by nvk, is probably the most customizable of all!

nvk_SEARCH official tutorial.

nvk_SEARCH features an impressive list of features, like the ability to search for a lot of different kinds of content (FX, actions, templates, takes, tracks…), substring match highlight, synonyms, recent history, and mostly, a lot of possibilities for customization (font-size, results display etc).

Extensive user settings page.

The only core feature what I could miss from my own command scripts (not publicly released for now), is search results relevance sorting (it’s the number 1 reason I made my own script). I have reported it already, so, maybe in a future update? 😉

The script is released as pay what you want, which is very generous from its author, especially considering such scripts can have a lot of feature requests. It is distributed via ReaPack. It’s compatible REAPER v7, which isn’t the case of Quick Adder, which is probably its more popular alternative.

You will find more info about this script on nvk_TOOLS website, on the dedicated Cockos Forum Thread, and on the product page, linked below!

Happy searching! 🔎

PS: Thanks to nvk for having put my ReaScript doc page into the credits of his script! 🥰

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:


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