New version on this advanced sound design scripts pack.

Few weeks ago, I speak about nvk professional sound design related scripts, nvk tools. A new version of the main nvk script pack, nvk workflow, just came out, and it’s looks quite amazing!

Presentation of the script and its new features.

The features are very advanced and seems very handy for sound designers who need to create sound assets and variations. The new ReaImGui based GUI is really pleasing, and the UX to access to the different features seems very ergonomic, among the most advanced ReaImGui design I have seen so far. This can really help making bring your sound assets creation workflow to the next level.

You can find more info on the documentation page, and consider purchase this premium pack on the nvk website, linked below.

Enjoy! 🕹

Feature Image Credits: NVK

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/nvk-workflow-2/"][b]nvk_WORFLOW 2[/b][/url]

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