Most advanced item properties randomizator.

A new script by nvk just came out : nvk_VARIATIONS ! And it’s all about item randomization !

Item randomization is a big deal in Sound Design and Game Audio, and is actually what led me into ReaScript back in the days. It’s also a very good playground for scripting experimentation.

The most advanced item randomizator so far was surely LKC variator. But as always with nvk scripts, the concept is pushed further, and with a very nice and clean GUI !

Showcase of the script.
Additional Features.

As nvk_VARIATIONS is extremely advanced, it has been shared as a premium script, meant for audio professionals.

You can find more info on the product page, linked below!

Happy randomization! 🎲

Feature Image Credits: nvk

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:


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