The "Unofficial" REAPER blog.

ReaperBlog is the most known Reaper blog of the REAPER community.

It is freely maintained by Jon Tidey since 2010, which create new videos or content for it very often, and it is even called by Cockos themselves the “Unofficial REAPER Blog”. (Note: Cockos don’t run any blog, so you can basically considered this one is the official one).

It is the best place to see what is new at each REAPER updates, which happens quite frequently (every months approximately). Jon dedicates a lot of time to showcase in long detailed videos every new interesting things in REAPER changelogs, which are often very hard to understand for non specialist, because of all the very specific or technical stuffs which are listed.

There are also a lot of tutorials, live Q&A, some hardware demo, user created resources showcase etc… The content is pretty diverse, and always in the tone of a conversation so it is kinda chill to watch. Videos are hosted on the related ReaperBlog YouTube Channel, one of the most popular REAPER related channel. I encourage to subscribe to it or at least to the blog newsletter to not not miss any update.

ReaperBlog home page with last videos thumbnails.

ReaperBlog is not affiliated by Cockos, but you can support him via regular donation on Patreon, or via some paid content on the website, like courses.

Have fun with Jon!

PS: It worth mentioning that there is on ReaperBlog a two-parts interview of me about ReaScript I gave to Jon back in 2015, when the hype around it started to grow. The article became quite popular at that time!😉

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