Monthly mixing contest organized on REAPER forum.

Are you a beginner mixer looking for feedback or advanced mixer looking to showcase your skills? What about participating in a musical mix contest? 🤓

reaMIXed is a independent mixing contest, run by some REAPER users on the REAPER forum. The contest is run monthly since 2016, and led by member darjama since 2020. Every months, participants can download a set of tracks from a royalty-free song chosen by previous winner, tracks participants will have to mix only REAPER plugins or JS plugins. Then, they upload their project, and wait for public vote results at the end of the month.

Current contest (2023-May) calendar.

Winners don’t get reward but they do get precise feedback, which can be very good for making progress in this field. It seems there is around 200 voters each time, and about 20 participants.

Winners announcements and detailed scores.

The ability to get past sessions can also be a great resource for beginners mixers, as they can access the full REAPER project.

New contests are announced on dedicated threads on REAPER forum Music/Collaboration section (for eg, this thread). You can get more info about how to participate and vote on the dedicated website, linked below!

Have fun! 🤘

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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