Geraintluff JSFX Pack

A pack of JSFX with nice GUI.

You can’t explore JSFX made by REAPER users without taking a look at Geraintluff’s works.

Geraintluff is a musician and developer, and in the past years (mostly in between 2016-2019), he released free and open source JSFX for REAPER. His pack contains 25 effects, for MIDI and Audio. He totally level up the game of JSFX programming with his advanced DSP (reverb, delays, phase aligner, vocoders, synths etc) and GUI (spectrum display, click and drag pitch shifting… remember, JSFX GUI functions are just basic geometry!).

An delay with a nice sidebar display.
Free spectrum matching in JSFX.
Free phase aligner plugin for two tracks.
ReaTune alternative in JSFX.

As you can see, all these FX have a nice unified GUI thanks to a custom UI-Library also made by Geraintluff and share as open source as well (ui-lib.jsfx-inc, which might deserve a dedicated article, as it is one of the rare, if not only, public JSFX GUI libary).

Though some of this plugin may not equal some commercial VST, their simplicity, and efficiency and affordability are very appreciated. It is stimulating when generous users like Geraintluff take time to share advanced stuffs to the REAPER community! This can inspire lots of future devs for sure, and shows that JSFX is a very capable plugin format.

You will find more info about Geraintluff’s JSFX pack on the dedicated page linked below. It is full of infos, screenshots, audio demos and even videos for some plugin. Something very welcome in JSFX world. 😉

Video demo of Echo Cycles.

Have fun with the pack! 😎

Feature Image Credits: Geraintluff

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]Geraintluff JSFX Pack[/b][/url]

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