XR Set Items Position and Order – ReaImGui version

The most advanced item positioner scripts.

Taking advantage of ReaImGui, I just released a new version of my Set Items Positions and Order scripts, the most advanced items positioner script for REAPER!

The script is focused on positioning items relative to each others. There are so so many synonyms to describe what this script can do, at least one post per week on the Cockos forum come with a new terminology.

  • Put items one after the other
  • Space items
  • Put items in sequence
  • Set gap length between items
  • Set items positions relative to previous items edges
  • Spread items on timeline
  • Close gap between items
  • Move selected items to right edge of previous ones

This is especially useful in workflows which involves working with sets of samples, like in sound libraries editing, game audio and virtual instrument editing.

For the most common use cases (space items with a fixed amount of time, close gaps between items etc), there are several simple solutions, most notable being SWS Reposition Selected Items action, and some scripts with no GUI, like my Script X-Raym_Move selected items to end of previous items on all visible tracks.lua.

My X-Raym_Set selected items position and order.lua is here for while and it handle so many cases that I had to pack it in a premium pack. It do more than positioning, cause it also handle item ordering/sorting. It also come with fancy extra features, like several ways to considerate the items selections (timeline order, per tracks or not), items groups, multi unit for spacing, moving markers at items position, changing the order on the fly based on name, volume, etc…

Below are few screenshots of the previous version, before the new GUI I released this year.

Ultra basic usage of my item positioner script: space items one after the other with a fixed gap value.
More advanced: sort items by peak volume, with items group support. Useful for multi-mic recording.
Space group of items based on length of longest groups.

To modernize it a bit and make it more easy to use, as it has now a tons of options, I updated its GUI, so it is now based on ReaImGui, which allows to have lots of cool things like informational tooltips at mouse hover, plain text description in dropdowns, bigger text, and a new feature I just made: a preset system, accessible right from the plugin GUI!

Preset system in the ReaImGui version of my Set Items Position and Order script.

All this nice GUI/UX updates would have been very hard to make if cfillion didn’t made ReaImGui for ReaScripters, so many thanks to him! Game changer for sure. 🙏

I let you check the product page below for more descriptive infos about the feature set of this script. The page also contains video about editing samples workflow which used scripts on this pack.

Enjoy! 😎

Showcased on [url=https://www.realinks.net]ReaLinks.net[/url]:

[*][url="https://www.realinks.net/links/xr-set-items-position-and-order/"][b]XR Set Items Position and Order – ReaImGui version[/b][/url]

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