ReaSpaghetti Visual Scripter

Node-based visual scripting for ReaScript.

With such a original name, which would deserve to be in a ReaComics strip, you might expect that Sexan’s ReaSpaghetti is a simple late April Fool’s Day joke. Quite the contrary: it’s an advanced REAPER script generator, based on a node-wire GUI system. Yes, it is one of the most advanced script of the past years! 😱

Node based visual coding can be found in some popular apps like Unity. It can help people jump into scripting by having visualization of the code flow, in a eye-pleasing way. It definitely has its learning curve by itself and it would be quite hard to jump into it without any coding knowledge, but as it is engaging to play with, it can be less intimidating than pure text-based coding for non experienced coders. Having such coding possibility right in REAPER can definitely help people jump into ReaScripts, cause it has access to all the functions provided by the API.

Demo of the script, with the “wireless nodes” feature.

It is by itself a script, using ReaImGui extension. Considering that nodes and wires aren’t features native to this extension and that these widgets had to be coded from scratch, I am impressed for sure.

Sexan is an advanced ReaScripter, with years of experience. His most noticeable script, Area(51) Selection, was so popular that Cockos decided to implement a similar feature in REAPER, a feature now known as Razor Edit.

Since its release, ReaSpaghetti has gotten a lot of positive feedbacks, and receives various updates, like more code examples, called ReaNodes (the script isn’t meant to load existing Lua Script), possibility to export as action to run without opening the code editor GUI… Definitely a project to follow, cause there are quite some other ideas on its roadmap!

And as if this script wasn’t already impressive enough, Sexan even coded a mini-game dedicated to Cockos developer Schwa, and his famous socket puppet profile picture. A very convincing argument to prove advanced scripting is possible with ReaSpaghetti!


You can find the full feature list, screenshots, updates and other users ecstatic feedback right on the dedicated forum thread, linked below!

Have fun! 😎

Image Credits: Sexan
Scwharminator Sprites: anasabdin, princeofbugs

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]ReaSpaghetti Visual Scripter[/b][/url]

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