IDDQD Sound’s YouTube Tutorials

A cool YouTube channel with lots of REAPER tricks.

IDDQD Sound is a YouTube channel dedicated to REAPER, made by Arya. It mostly features beginner and intermediate quick tips, focused on musical editing and mixing, and usual reaper usage. He also showcase a lot of scripts and community made resources. It is well explained; the hardest part will be to spell the channel name right. 😉

One episode of the “Rapid Fire Tutorials” from IDDQD Sound.

There are at least two distinctive playlists on the channel: the ReaScript / JSFX programming live session with Leafac (note that he also have such videos on his own channel), and a series of interviews of people fom REAPER community.

Learn to code JSFX effects in real time.
A rare Interview with Schwa, Cockos developer since 2008.

Among the interview, you have one with Justin (REAPER creator), Kenny Gioia, and among few others, even one with myself. 😎 I wish more interviews could be done cause they are always very inspiring and it is nice to be able to put face on people working behind the scene!

Have fun watching! 🍿

Feature Image Credits: IDDQSounds

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[*][url=""][b]IDDQD Sound’s YouTube Tutorials[/b][/url]

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