How to Reascript – Video Series

ReaScript video tutorials series

Starting creating script for REAPER always feel like going into uncharted territory: despite the thousands of scripts released, the number of resource to actually learn to do it is low. There is only one page of information about ReaScript on, and the generated ReaScript doc is basically just a list of functions, meant for actual developers, as there is no instructions about to operate them. It is expected that you already know about coding.

As a lot of REAPER related things, new comers have to turn to community-made content. Among the few ReaScript video tutorials series which you can find online, there is my 2015 ReaScript Series, which is still valid but a bit outdated on some concepts (like coding with NotePad++ instead of the native editor or Visual Studio Code). Bu I didn’t continue it so far as the amount of work this require for non-english speaker is quite high. Few other videos or articles have been made, all linked to formatted version on the ReaScript API doc page.

That’s when this week, daniellmuretz (an advanced REAPER scripter you already saw on ReaLinks) released for free a 19 videos long series about ReaScripting, using modern tool and techniques. It was about time than someone release a more modern and in-depth video tutorials about ReaScripting! It starts from the basics, and go advanced with GUI and stuffs, for more than 10 hours of video!

The ReaScript YouTube video series.

These tutorials release is very encouraging, showing that there is still a place for new comers in the scene who want to learn to code, with their brain, and not with AI.

You can find more info about this series on the Cockos Forum thread, linked below, where the series is already acclaimed by lot of enthusiasts users.

Happy coding! 💻

Feature image credits: daniellumertz

Showcased on [url=][/url]:

[*][url=""][b]How to Reascript – Video Series[/b][/url]

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