ReaperMania Video Tutorials

The best video tutorials YouTube channel to start learning REAPER.

With so many features and no in-app help, REAPER has for sure a steep learning curve, even for advanced audio editors used to other DAW.

Starting learning by watching at least few videos can then be considered a necessary step, to see the software in action and understand how it works, how it can customized, and mostly, how to use it to make your next great audio projects. So don’t lose time clicking everywhere on the empty default project you see the first time you open REAPER, trying hard to understand what to do: Kenny Gioia just released another YouTube series to show you the way!

With years of service on his YouTube Channel, reapermania, the most popular REAPER related channel on YouTube, Kenny Gioia’s video tutorials are for almost all REAPER users where the learning starts. And it is also where advanced users stay, cause there is always at least things to learn his videos!

Having a multi-platinum audio engineer and music producer running a video tutorials channel, at fast rate (at least one publication per week), and with high pedagogic skills, is pretty rare, so REAPER community is for sure very lucky to have him! His role on the reaper community is so important that he earned a place right on the official REAPER website.

Kenny has showcased a ton of techniques for using REAPER, mainly for Music Editing and Mixing. His focus is 99% on native REAPER, which is wast most users have, showing settings in details and customization possibilities. User created resources showcased are pretty rare but it can happen.

If you are curious about Kenny’s work, you can take a look at his website Kennymania, and watch his recent interview on IDDDQsound YouTube channel, which is very interesting and fun to watch.

Happy learning!

Image Credits: reapermania

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[*][url=""][b]ReaperMania Video Tutorials[/b][/url]

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