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Advanced ReaScripts for Sound Design and Game Audio

Some ReaScripts pack are not just a collection of various utilities scripts, but are complete workflow proposals. These are related to a particular use case, so it’s not for everyone, but for those concerned, it can be a huge efficiency enhancer. If you are a game audio or sound FX designer, take a look LKC Tools by nikolalkc!

Nikolalkc (Nikola Lukic) is a Senior Technical Sound Designer with big AAA companies name it his work experience (he knows stuffs!). He has developed a very unique workflow, and proposed it as premium scripts (free for non-commercial, which is very generous!). Let’s take a look at these LKC Tools!

The core script in this workflow is called Render Blocks. it is a very advanced way to manage audio assets (made from several audio items) in REAPER for quick rendering. It allows packing items together, naming them, rendering them etc… Though all this seems possible naively, it is how it is made which change everything (naming has auto numbering for eg, etc). Take a look at the video below to see what it has to offer!

Presentation of Render Blocks.

Working with blocks is made efficient thanks to Content Navigator, which allows to navigate more quickly in the project (which can have tons of tracks and items), by displaying a list of named blocks, hiding tracks unrelated to currently selected Render Blocks etc…

Navigate quickly in LKC blocks.

To go with all this, nikolalkc released Grim Sync last year, a script to bring interoperability between Wwise and LKC Render Blocks. It is a really advanced system, so I can only invite you to take a look at the video below, or read the detailed article about it. Note that Grim Sync also support NVK Folder Items system (a another way to pack items, made by another REAPER game audio designer and scripter).

The 3 packs shown above are meant to work together by handling everything for grouping items in REAPER to usage in WWise. Really interesting to see advanced users taking advantage of REAPER to build such custom workflows!

Among his previous top scripts, he also shares ReaOpen, a way to use Wwise and FMOD with REAPER. (I’m not sure how does it compare to Grim Sync and ReaWwise though, you will need to read the docs for more details, I suppose the fact it works with FFMOD would be the main advantage here).

ReaOpen for Wwise and FFMOD.

Nikolalkc also share some other free scripts, in his ReaPack repository. Among this, there is its Variator, which was thought for item/take properties randomization. It used to be a premium scripts but development of new feature stopped. Yet, it is still pretty advanced and usable without any issues.

LKC Variator teaser.

Not documented on LKC tools website, but he also made a script experiment, ReaCognition, which uses REAPER and IA for speech recognition to name dialog related audio files. This was featured on Audiokinetic blog in a detailed article, as other LKC Tools.

You can find more info on the dedicated website linked below, where all infos are very well presented! You can also find nikolalkc on Cockos Forum, where he opened dedicated threads for each of these tools (for eg, LKC Render Blocks thread).

Happy gaming! 🕹

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