A startup launcher window, with filterable and sortable recent projects list.

The native REAPER menu to display recent project list is quite minimal. You can customize what is displayed (project name, project path etc), but you cant order and filter the list. A dedicated window for that would be nice, wouldn’t it be?

The native Recent Projects list dropdown menu.

To solve this issue, solger made a script called ReaLauncher. It displays Recent Projects list, with several sorting options (date, alphabetical…), an input text filter, and several extra features like date column, audio preview (if file with same name exists) etc. From there, you can just double click to open a project. Handy!

Recent Projects filter in action.

ReaLauncher features other tabs like Project Templates and Track Templates, which can be useful as well. It also has extra settings for UI customization, keyboard shortcuts etc… Quite customizable!

ReaLauncher also works with track templates.

If you want this window to appear every time you start REAPER, you can put this action in your startup custom actions thanks to SWS extension. If you want to run it more occasionally, like any action, you can just put it on a toolbar button, or in any menu, for eg, under the File menu above Recent Projects entry like I did. Or simply run it from the action list.

This script is generously shared via Reapack free and open source by its author, and still maintained several years after release. It is based on Lokasenna GUI library, which I will showcase in a later article.

More info about this script on the dedicated Cockos Forum thread, linked below!

Stay tuned for other ReaLinks! 😉

Showcased on [url=][/url]:


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